About Me

It was around 9:00 October 14th 1984. Car horns started honking outside. My mom and dad started cheering in the other room. The Detroit Tigers had finally won the World Series.

But I was so much more fired up about getting my Atari 400 computer to move the letter “A” across the screen. You see I had been trying to figure out how to do that for weeks. At 13 years old I was learning Visual Basic. Detroit Tigers winning the world series… nice. But this was AMAZING.

Since then it has been a love affair with computers ever since.

Fast forward to Today. I have built dozens of complex software applications to help people and businesses all around the world.

See a list of my software projects here

In fact today thousands (yes that is plural many times over) will use at least one of my software solutions.

It is really cool to think computers work that way. It is really cool to see just how far things have come in that last 30 years. Wow that makes me feel old to just write that.

The most amazing thing to me is that all my software just works all by itself. I put a lot of time in to make sure it is like that. My software can work completely fine without me needing to be around. The servers answer the requests and do what I told them to do. Even if it is at 2:00 am and I am sleeping.

Here are some of the computer languages I like to build my software in:

c# .NET
MS SQL Server

I will post tips and how-to’s on my blog here with new things I find out. Hey we are all always learning right?

A big part of putting your software online is knowing how to get it in front of people. So you will likely find posts from time to time about sales and marketing. It will almost always be in the form of pay-per-click advertising, Search engine optimization (SEO), or social media tricks and tips.

BryanSherryI got really lucky and have a great family too. My Wife Sherry and I have been happily married since 2006. We have two boys we are really proud of (isn’t every parent) Grant (6) and Owen (5). Like any parent we face the day to day problems and joys of raising children.

Now even at a young age I want Grant and Owen to learn about computers. So I started a minecraft server for them. You can play it here. There is a widget on the sidebar of this blog that shows the real-time status of their server.

So why would I make a kinder-gardener and a first-grader a gaming server? Simple. That way they can learn how computers and the internet works. So far it has been a blast. A kindergardner and first grader that know server command line prompts and how to admin their own box is really cool. Well at least to me it is. The funniest part is they can barely read or write. But they know how to kick people off their server with a /ban or /kick server command.
photoFor fun I like mostly Dog Sleeding with our one dog. I am usually the “second dog” doing a lot of help pulling but is is fun and what we do as a family. Spending time with freinds and family is something else I look forward to also. I really wish I could put a lot cool interesting hobbies I have. But honestly between writing new software, keeping the old code running, and spending time with my family there just isn’t anything left.

In the past I got into things like crewing a racing sailboat for a few summers. Wakeboarding, waterskking, and boating in general I find really fun. Freestyle BMX trick bike riding is something I have done a lot of too.

Our family likes to go camping with our 1976 pop-up camper. A good trick I learned is to just go to a campground a few miles down the road. It feels like you are on vacation but you are only 5 minutes from home. Works great for when you forget something.

So that is about all I can think of tell you about me. Just know that when you are using any of my software products I put a tremendous about of time and effort into everyone of them. You can email me directly if you something isn’t working right. I will always help you to get it fixed.

Take a look around and Enjoy.

– Bryan