My Software Projects

In the last 30 years of programming I have made a LOT of software. But here are the ones that you would probably be most interested in:



This is my latest project but it is not about software at all (strange I know let me explain). is where I share all my internet marketing tricks that I have learned over the years.  I only customize them for the lawncare industry.  So if you have a lawn care business stop by this site and check it out.  You will get all my best tips there for getting new customers off the internet.

What I have found is doing the internet market “stuff” is a lot easier for business like a lawn care service than for generic software.  Since I am able to get lots of traffic to my other sites I thought I could just the same thing for the lawn care industry.  So far it has worked out very well.



WhizPress – Creative Blog Writing Software.

WhizPressThis is my solution for people who blog and just do not have enough time or ideas to keep writing high quality posts everyday or at least a couple of times per week. If you run a few different blogs the problem gets much worse and Whizpress can all that hard work off your hands. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is serious about writing for their blog(s).  I “eat my own dogfood” for this one and Whizpress powers a lot of the posts on this blog.

PC Tattletale – Internet Monitoring Software For Parents, Schools, And Business

LogoSmall150The Internet is a seriously dangerous place. Most people online are very nice. But there is a crowd of really nasty people out there. Just ask anyone who posts anything online. PC Tattletale is a project I started with Don Schnure back in 2003. It lets parents (or employers) see exactly what is done on their Windows computer. Everything is recorded in beautiful DVR style recordings. Passwords and keystrokes are sent right to your email box. This software presented some seriously hard challenges to get it running invisibly on the computer. Plus being able to view the DVR style recordings from a remote computer requires some really neat back end coding on the Amazon Web Services Stack. This product really forced me to up my game as a software developer.

Free Article Spinner – Online Article Rewriter

Are you wondering what the hell is an article spinner is? …or.. Why would you want one? Good questions. Article spinning is just taking someones article and rewriting it really fast.  Like in under one second fast. That way you have a brand new article without having to take the time to write it. My Free Article Spinner does it all in under one second flat. The most amazing part of this project is just seeing a computer strip apart an article. Replace some of the words with the best matching synonyms and rebuild the article in the blink of an eye. I still to this day can’t believe it can do all that work so fast. The project requires a lot of tricky SQL, Javascript Programming and massive database of over 250,000 synonyms. But it works like a charm! – YouTube Video Downloader

This is a site for downloading YouTube videos. There are lots of reasons why you might need to do this. People use it to download videos to their iPhone or andriod device. Some people need videos for their powerpoint presentations. There are lots of other uses for it too. This was crazy hard to build (and keep running). But it works and you can download videos right off YouTube.

Other Software Projects:

The ones above are projects you can go touch, see, and use to help you out. Hopefully they make your life a little easier or better in some way.

But I have also made lots of other “behind the scenes” software solutions that you can’t see.


I built a neat Dealer Management tool for Freightliner Trucks that helps them make hundred million decisions about their network of over 800 truck dealerships. I still can’t believe they make such big decisions using my software but I consider it an honor to be able to help them out. Those guys are great over there.

I made a system for news papers to look through sites like craigslist and get your phone number or email. Then we hit Axiom and found your home mailing address. Next the system prints off post cards that say something like “Hey we know you are running an ad on Craigslist… why not try running your ad on the Detroit News”.

There are others too. They mostly deal with blogging and how to automatically do things. But the ones listed above are the best examples of my work.

Head on over to the sites and see some of my work.  Most of my software you try out for free and see if you like it.
As I roll out even more projects I will post them here.