standard Do Mommy Blogs Really Make Money?

Maybe you just had your first kid and thought about starting a parenting blog.  You should.  There are lots of them out there for a reason.  All of us parents need advcie on raising our kids.

But can these kinds of blogs really make money?

Lets see.

Here is a great article I found that talks about the very topic:


Mommy blogs are well known on the Web, documenting parenting triumphs and tribulations. And for tens of thousands of women, it is actually a paid job.

BlogHer founder Lisa Stone, a single mother who quit her job in 1997, is now a powerhouse in the blogging world. CBS This Morning spoke with Stone about the success of her company which paid out about $36 million to bloggers from 2009 to 2013.

We have 3,000 blogs and 13,000 social media influencers covering everything from parenting to politics, Stone said. This is the new womens Web.

And its not just BlogHer. The site Mommies 24/7 originated in Hoboken and expanded across New Jersey, and it now has 13,000 members.

Many Mommies 24/7 members get paid to write about their lives. Marnie Nathanson stumbled upon the unexpected income during maternity leave.

I offered my services as a blogger an event planner, Nathanson said.

Nathanson said she works on commission, making a few hundred dollars a month, and hopes eventually to make it a lucrative full-time job.

I like to work, but its finding the work that works for me and my family, Nathanson said.


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