standard Facebook or Google Ads Which is Best?

I have been doing a lot of work with Facebook and their ad platform.  Honestly it is pretty shocking what they know about all of us.

Compared to Google Ads, Facebook is a lot cheaper.  If you have not had good results with Google then check out Facebook.

Much like Google Ads you have to be very targeted with Facebook.  Otherwise you won’t get good results.

To see the actual differences and how they work on a large scale here is a good article that explains it on a big scale:


Universal access to the internet through smartphones, tablets and computers has driven the success of numerous companies. Most notably, Google (GOOG) and Facebook (FB) have witnessed staggering growth as a result of technological innovation.

Consumers are largely familiar with Google as the dominant search engine platform. However, Google operates in multiple verticals consisting of mobile operating systems, hardware, video technology, and social media.Facebooks ascension came as a result of widespread use of its social media platform. Connecting families, friends and colleagues through an easily-navigable website was innovative at the time. But in addition to conquering social media, Facebooks business ventures consist of the acquisitions of Instagram, WhatsApp, and Oculus VR, to name a few.

The continued success of both Google and Facebook can be credited to their entry intonew markets. While web-based search and social media brought both company’s success, it is the advertising services offered by Google and Facebook that drive continued revenue growth. With massive audiences, Google AdWords and Facebook Ads both operate through pay-per-click advertising channels. Likewise, mobile advertising has an increasing role in the advertising efforts of both companies. Although the difference between the two advertising services may be apparent, quantifying the maximum return on investment is difficult. (For more, see:How Facebook, Twitter, Social Media Make Money From You.)

Generating over 90% of revenue in any given year, advertising fuels Googles expansion.Google AdWords is an online advertising service that allows companies to leverage new audiences. Companies bid on the placement of an advertisement and keywords that trigger company websites. AdWords primarily focuses on keywords that users type into search. Searches with keywords will trigger advertisements within the web page. Through efficient search engine optimization and Google AdWords, companies can seamlessly attract website traffic.


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