standard How Restaurants are using YouTube for Customer Loyalty

If you are not using YouTube for your online business you should be.  It is one of the best places to get traffic to your site.  But even better the traffic you get is of the highest quality.

But how can a brick and mortar store like a restaurant use YouTube in a  creative way?

Here is a great article I found about it.  They show you how Mc Donalds used YouTube to clean up a PR nightmere with their Chicken Mc Nuggets.

Good stuff:


Consumers are increasingly fast-forwarding past traditional TV ads, long the bastion of chain-restaurant marketing. How can eateries keep their brand in customers minds?

A growing number of savvy chains are turning to YouTube and posting informational or instructional videos designed to inform and amuse diners and keep their brand top of mind. From there, if a brand is lucky, social-media sharing spreads their useful videos far and wide.

Its a way of reaching out to customers with something thats not the usual, relentless Come in for our $2.99 chicken special type of hard-sell ad.

Here are a few examples of the restaurants using the YouTube info-video approach, and the angles theyre taking to draw customers in.

Whats in Chicken McNuggets? McDonalds recently posted a YouTube video that shows you, part of a trend toward restaurants posting info-videos. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Build loyalty with transparency

When the rumor mill turned yet again with urban legends about gross stuff that might be in its signature Chicken McNuggets, McDonald’s McDonald’s responded not with a staid press release, but with a video tour of its McNugget-making plant at supplier Cargill’s Cargill’s factory in Canada.

Posted to YouTube, the matter-of-fact video puts to rest the idea that ammonia-treated beef sometimes called pink slime or pink goop might be in the McNuggets.


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