standard iOS 8 Adoption Rate Hits 70%

It looks like iOS 8 adoption rate has hit a wall at 70%.  Honestly I didn’t even update my iPhone because I heard so many bad things about it bricking your phone.

With people worried about their phone not working anymore (and then having to go the apple store to fix it) it is no wonder people are not upgrading.

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Updating its App Store Distribution page on Tuesday, Apple pegged iOS 8’s share at 69 percent, just one point higher than the 68 percent recorded around two weeks ago on January 6. The number doesn’t reveal the full scope of iOS 8 adoption but rather shows the iOS devices that visited the App Store on Monday, January 19.

Mobile analytics firm Mixpanel showed a slightly higher market share of 71 percent for iOS 8 as of Monday. Fellow analytics firm Fiksu displayed a 68 percent share as of Monday.

The latest figure from Apple does indicate a more leisurely continuation of the shift to iOS 8. Prior to January, adoption of the new OS had been proceeding at a slow but steady pace, from 47 percent on October 5 to 56 percent on November 12 and 64 percent on December 22. Such a slowdown presents a challenge for Apple, which requires iOS 8 for certain apps and services that it’s trying to push, including Apple Pay, the new Health App and HealthKit and the HomeKit home automation platform.

Apple’s iOS figures include devices that have upgraded to iOS 8 from a previous version as well as new iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches that automatically come with the new version. So the slowdown in adoption may simply be a result of fewer people buying iOS devices following the holiday season.


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