standard Lookout Dropbox – Google Slahes Storage Drive Costs to only $9 /TB

You want a good Business lesson?  If Google comes into your market you are screwed.  Dropbox may be the next casuality.

Online disk storage is getting more and more popular.  I personally use services like Amazon S3 for my software products.

But now Google is making things WAY cheaper.  So now you can get 1 TB (that is 1,000 GB) of disk storage for under $10 a month.

amazing… and bad news for dropbox.

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Google has slashed its online Drive storage prices so fast, it undercuts all of its rivals and its own products. The Reg suspects the web king will dramatically lower its infrastructure-as-a-service storage prices as well in two weeks.

The dramatic price cut for Google Drive was announced on Thursday: storing 100GB of data in its systems per month has fallen from $4.99 to $1.99. Storing a terabyte now costs $9.99 a month versus $49.99 previously, and 10TB will set you back $99.99 per month.

As a result of today’s news, we’re expecting reprisals from rivals Dropbox ($9.99 for 100GB per user, per month) and Box ($5 per user per month for 100GB and additional features. (You can still pick up a decent 1TB drive for about 60 dollars, working out to the low price of $5 a month over a year versus Google’s $9.99.)

What may get IT admins rubbing their hands with glee is that this Drive price cut also falls far below the prices charged by typical infrastructure-as-a-service providers for barebones storage. Amazon Web Services’s S3 service costs $8.50 per 100GB per month, and Microsoft’s Windows Azure charges $6.80 for 100GB of locally redundant stored data a month.


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