standard Top Must-Have WordPress Plugins

Hilary Faverman wrot a great article in Business 2 Community that goes into great detail about 5 must have plugins for your wordpress blog.

Plugins are great but use them with caution.  Everytime you put one on your blog you slow it down.

Did you know over 10 years ago Google did a study and found out that people use the web a heck of a lot more if your site loads fast?

Seems obvious right?  Well keep that in mind as you go installing plugins on your wordpress blog.

Having said that these are 5 you should really think about.  But ONLY install them if you have a real need to them.




Hilary Faverman’s recommended top 5 plug-ins:

1) Exclude Pages

2) Simple Page Ordering

3) All-in-One SEO / Yoasts WordPress SEO

4) Really Simple Share Facebook Twitter buttons / Digg Digg or Digg Digg Alternative

5) WP Facebook Open Graph Protocol


Click the link below to see each in detail.

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